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Payment Policy

For your orders to be processed, you need to follow the payment instructions.

When paying for your orders, you may either choose to pay via Paypal (connected to your credit/debit card) or manual payment.



Paying via PayPal is automatic and your order should be immediately received. You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt sent to your email address.

Manual Payment

(Gcash or Remittance)

If you opt to pay via manual payment, your order will not be automatically processed.

  1. Payments are via GCash and any remittance services to South Korea.

  2. Once the transfer of payment has done,

  3. Send proof of payment through our site, email, or FB messenger.

  4. Once your payment has been verified, we will send an acknowledgment of receipt and your order will immediately be processed.

*Double-check your info to avoid errors and delays in shipping.* 

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