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Cancellation Policy

What You Need to Know Before Placing Your Orders

This is your Cancellation Policy section.

A. Cancellation of orders are only allowed in the following instances: 

  1. you order has not been placed yet in the system.

  2. your order has not been processed. 

  3. your order is not available (for instance item is out of stock or sold out). 

B. Cancellation is not allowed if: 

  1. your order has already been processed. 

  2. your order has been packed for shipping. 

  3. your order has been shipped. 

  4. your order has arrived in the country of destination.

  5. your order has not arrived within the estimated time of arrival as it is out of our control when delays in international and local couriers take place. 

C. Cancelled Orders

  1. Canceled orders which are paid will be refunded depending on your mode of payment. Payments made through a credit card/PayPal and manual bank deposit will be returned to you as a store credit (Avidong Credit). 

  2. Shipping fees, however, will not be refunded. 

D. Notorious Cancellation Behavior

We have the right to terminate your account when cancelation behavior is habitual and persistent refusal to accept a decision that has been made to the complaint. 


E. Store Cancellation

  1. When an item is out of stock, we have the sole discretion to cancel your order. In such a case, we will inform you immediately via email, phone, and/or Avidong site message. We will refund your payment via Gcash/bank transfer. 

  2. Items that are on a "deposit basis or preorder" either on-site or on our social media pages (Facebook/Instagram) will be canceled IF orders are not settled within 10 days after the item has arrived at our Philippine hub/depot. In such a case, the deposit will also not be refunded (read the refund policy). Items canceled will be re-posted online for re-sale. However, if you still want the item, a storage fee must be paid amounting to ₱10.00 per day. Storage days will start after the given grace period as long as it has not been sold yet.

    ​Last updated November 20, 2021

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